Press Freedom Token $PRESS

Press Coin is a charity coin that supports independent journalists with regular donations every month.

Press Coin

What are we doing to help?

Soon our total donation will be written here!
We support independent journalists like The Guardian with our donations.
We empower the independent journalists we support with our social media community.
We provide job opportunities as intermediaries for those who want to do independent journalism in person.

Press Coin Statistics

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Our Vision

Transparency at Press Coin is paramount, especially in the BSC environment, where very few projects emphasize on this principle. Therefore, we strive to provide confidence for our holders and future investors through an efficient horizontal communication with nothing left to chance.

Press Coin

What is PRESS?

Press Coin is a deflationary, fully audited and community-driven BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It was launched on May 27th 2021. Two functions occur during each trade: %5 Distribution and %5 LP.

True reporting involves exposing events cautiously, keeping track of the powerful ones as well, and questioning ideas, sources, or arguments. At the same time, offering new alternatives and sticking to the belief that nothing is not as it should be; using imagination to build up hopes.

The investment we receive from PRESS supporters is not just for today! Their contribution encourages future generations to listen to problems and support them to create a new world. We will be forever supporters of free journalists! We will support those who speak the truth, not just those who speak.

Donations made to the Press Coin (PRESS) donation address will be given to a free journalist, according to result of monthly surveys.

Marketing and Donate

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Functioning Principle
10% of the token supply has been allocated for airdrop and marketing.
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As more trading volume occurs and the price is healthily rising, more funds become available to further our marketing pushes.
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Charity Funding
Donations will be made regularly every month from 2022.


Pushing Innovation Forwards

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